Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform human life. We need to work together to make sure that it is safe and beneficial. Success is going to depend on building and earning trust, in several dimensions.

  • AI systems themselves must be demonstrably trustworthy, wherever we employ them.
  • Those who develop and apply AI-based solutions must earn the trust of end-users and other stakeholders.
  • AI developers and policy makers – and everyone committed to solving the challenges of AI for Good – must earn the trust of each other, across cultural, national, commercial, and disciplinary borders, to cooperate effectively. begins with the conviction that the more we do now to build well-earned trust, the better the prospects for beneficial AI. It aims to be the first global incubator for new ways of engineering and earning trust, in the AI arena. Our vision is to offer competitive small-grant funding to short, practical projects – innovative ideas for promoting well-earned trust, in any dimension relevant to AI impacts, anywhere in the world. 

The inspiration for was the Trust in AI Track at the UN AI for Good Summit 2018. The Track's nine proposals offered a small and diverse sample of the many kinds of projects that could launch. Our goal is to open the model of the Trust in AI Track to brilliant proposals from all over the world – to open-source the challenge of engineering and earning trust for AI for Good. 

The first step is to launch itself. We want to be a partnership of respected global organisations, led by an international Advisory Board, and allocating funds on the advice of an expert Judging Panel. Join us to help make it happen. 

Huw Price, Francesca Rossi, Stephen Cave, Adrian Weller, and  the Trust in AI Track team